Millionaires Worldwide

Millionaires Worldwide is an education system which helps people excel in Vestige through systematics plans, proven methods and excellent mentorship. We are on our path to create 1000 Millionaires You can be one too! Scroll down to know more about us. Through success seminars, workshops, Cds, demonstrations, we are driven to create 1000 millionaires in our group. Do you want to be the next one?

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Network Marketing Business

The products endorsed by Vestige and MWW placed health as a priority for enjoying a beautiful life. The team led by the Patrawalaswas creating a healthy trend by ensuring that physical health was the strong foundation of its network while business acumen was ensuring intellectual progress. Their journey further broke emotional barriers and mind sets when the concept was not limited to people with prior educational backgrounds in the network marketing business.They built confidence of their fellow teams and new trainees by showing them that they can also earn money from home without the limitation of geographic mobility. Why limit yourselves to receiving when life has a million things to offer was their mantra.The team encouraged people to join them, get trained, enhance networking skills, practice actively to lead by example and turn business with happiness.

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Our Mission

Make 1000 Millionaires and make many more Millionaires and spread Happiness through our Education System.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an education system for direct sales. Our Vision reflects our values: Integrity, Service, Excellence & Teamwork.

Our Objective

MWW is an organization which gives education to people who refuse to fit into ordinary life.

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