Millionaires World

Millionaires Worldwide is a progressive output of network marketing business and was launched 1 year ago. After 8 years of successful implementation of the Vestige Business Plan; Millionaires Worldwide Group was launched under the joint ownership of Dipal and Nilesh Patrawala. Having experienced the concept of earn money from home, they decided to share their success.


We teach you how to become a millionaire!

Personality Development

Build an overall pleasing personality, increase your self-confidence.

Business Development

Learn the tricks of the trade from the best in business.

Millionaires World

Consisted of people from various walks of life with partial or no experience in the network marketing business. Their enterprising nature and willingness to be a part of network marketing business propelled them to get trained, learn, and expand contacts using assimilated information into action and experience economic fulfillment. The trend of earn money from home was introduced to any new individual joining them. The main reason for launching Millionaires Worldwide group was to empower lives by introducing, training, putting teaching into experience by people with no education in the network marketing business. The products were provided by Vestige but the training was provided by Millionaires Worldwide. Here the concept of money with happiness, riches with enrichment and power with empowerment was pushed as the core of network marketing business by the dynamic teams.

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Our Team

They followed a team culture of maintaining other teams to carry out the principle of uniformity, happiness and progress. Even if you earn money from home you have to learn to enjoy it and share it. This culture was progressively taught by the team. The MillionairesWorldwide group consists of good leaders who lead by example and made followers after setting the right trend. Each team of the network marketing business was hardworking, thirsty for relevant knowledge, enthusiastic to meet new people, train and get trained further to balance monetary progress with a personally fulfilling life while forming the same process for the lives they touch.


Millionaires Worldwide group has strung together a group of lives to form a successful movement that ensures socio economic progress of each life they touch. They stand united in their efforts to ensure that people can earn money from home also. Here the team is very clear that their complete journey is a success that they can share with others to form a progressive movement that becomes the trendsetter of the network marketing business.